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Why Choose Us?

Our Mission

Work you can trust! We value honesty and hard work. You can count on us to deliver results in helping your student reach their academic goals.

Live, one-on-one virtual sessions. Personalized help, means that we work with each student's individual style of learning. We'll create a progress plan together to achieve timely results. 

Our mission is to help your student excel.

Our team:


Maria Mora; AA, CNA. Certification holder: CPR, OSHA, HIPPA

An active member of The National Tutor Association.

Currently working on B.A.S.(Bachelors in Applied Science) at Florida International University.

Proficient in both English and Spanish.

"Don’t just catch up, get AHEAD." -Maria M.

Get to know your tutor by filling in the "Contact Us" form below. 

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